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The Bishie House

Recent Entries

5/8/08 09:54 am - It's been a while

It has been almost 2 years since I last posted in here. I'm a little surprised but then I have been very busy and not very talkative.

I have been working on my stories and the drawings to go with them, I have been needing the outlet from every day life. I have also had some more inspiration for other stories plus adds to the current ones.

I have a manga that I am going to be doing work on I am hoping that I can get a chapter done a month and hopeful get some feed back on it. I will post the pages on my deviant art site, I have some other pictures that I want to add to it as well. I am hoping to get some fan-art out of my head and on paper.

In the mean time I am looking for a job and found out that a friend of mine is moving far far away. This is like another friend that told me she was leaving work with less then a week left. And for his information I saw his mommy the other day and she told me. *crosses arms*

Any way need to get back to the real world, I have much to do and only a small amount of time to do it in.

Blessings to all.

Current list of anime watching:
XXX Holic Kei, D.Gray-man, Angelique Abyss, Angelique Kagayaki, Amatsuki, Vampire Knight, Code Geass R2, Naruto, Bleach, Kyou Kara Maou S2, Saint Seiya, and Saiyuki.

7/23/06 02:49 pm - Birthday Present finished

I finally finished the drawing. He really likes it. He had me make a copy of the pen drawing so that he could also color it. Well, here is the link to it in deviantart http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/36736717/

I was hoping it would have been better, but then again he likes it so I guess that is all that really matters. I used colored pencils and it took me about 2 hours to do it all. I also scanned the pen version so I can always go back and used the computer to color it or make a copy of it and use a different medium to color it.

A friend of mine has me fanning about a new anime. I will get him back for this. New anime for me usually means more fan art skipping through my mind. I am really enjoying this series too. So much anime so little time. 3 animes I am watching on the computer and 2 on the TV plus the ones I am getting from Netflix.

So for those who are interested I am currently watching Computer: Princess Princess, KIBA, and Ouran high School Host Club <---(thanks to that person);TV: Loki (no comment from you), and Slayers Try (I missed a couple of episodes before); Netflix: Currently is Silent Mobius. From what I have read of Silent Mobius it is going to be rather interesting.

Well, off to do things until it is time to wake up hubby.
Bright Blessings to every one.

7/11/06 11:25 pm - Birthday

Yes, it is time for my childrens' birthdays to start again. We start with me third child Zack, his birthday is tomorrow. He will be six years old...and this is only the beginning. I guess I should find some thing to make him. If I draw him a picture I can finish two things at once. I need the practice drawing and he would like the picture. Money is tight but I think I will take him out to Denny's or IHOP next week. Then he can go some where to spend his birthday money.

So many things so little time...where do I start and what will I do next. I'd take him to see Pirate of the Caribbean but I don't think he would sit still for it. I was rather surprised that my nine year old was able to sit through the Harry Potter movie last year. That was a rather long movie. Well, I should think of something to draw for him and sit down and do it. He is rather fond of birds and the color pink. I think I can work something out.

6/14/06 01:59 pm - Time to set some goals

I am really behind on my projects so I am going to write out what projects I want to get done in the next months here. I will probably put them on my Deviant art account too (if you wish to see it, it is skytiger.deviantart.com )

1) I was reminded this morning about something a friend and I was doing with a chess set we had. My problem is I lost the paper for it and don't really remember who we had. The good part about this is I have seen so many animes since then that I can redo my list. Now if the other party would like to send me his list for the chess game I will get started on drawing up the images.

2) I need to get my stories up on my husbands site, or at least get a chapter or two up so people have something to read. I have several stories that I have started and need to finish.

3) I have a few "challenges" that I need to complete and a whole lot of characters to draw up. Of course my drawings will be on both my deviant site and my husband's site.

I will put up my revised list later, I still need to think about where and who right now.

4/25/06 01:01 am - More Stuff

Still workingon the story but I have a place to put them once I am done...my husband got himself a web page not much but at least I have some where to put them. NOW, I just need to finish them...

I have many new distractions: Final Fantasy (again, because of my sister)City of Heroes (because my husband is interested in that right now), Kingdom Hearts 2 (because I started fan-girling on it), and then there is the normal everday things that I must deal with. Ok, it's getting late so I need to get ot bed. Hopefully I can get some stuff finished and put up soon. (crosses fingers)

I am also looking for some one, those who know us may understand what I am talking about, but my husband and I are running out of people to ask for assistance.

4/6/06 01:15 pm - Just an update

Yes, just a short update, it appears that I am in the writing mood so I will ride it for as long as I can. Hopefully I will be able to finish a story before it goes away.

I also wanted to add this little guys, I encourae you to pick one up for yourselves.

Well hopefully I will have good news in the near future.

3/11/06 03:04 pm - What am I going to do...?

Ok, I have a lot of things that I am working on, but for the last week we have been fighting off a flu bug. Not sure where the kids picked it up at but it roamed the house for the past week. It started with the 3rd oldest, then the oldest, next was the second and then the youngest one got it. Each of them had a different effect from the bug. Then I got it, I was horribly sick the first day and was still feeling the effects the next day, my husband lucked out on this and only had the lower stomach problems. Not that this is all over with I can get back to my stuff. I am hoping that I can find (or make) a place to put up my stories for all to read. I will make a place at the end of the stories so that people can tell me what they think of it. As for my drawing I have been getting back to my basics, in all honesty I was really bad at drawing hands. My husband suggested a way for me to get better at drawing them, and it worked rather well. You see I went through some of my pictures in photoshop and removed the hands from the pictures and put them all on one sheet. From those images I just drew the hands. After doing that I think I found the way for me to draw hands that look really good.

Now onto my drawings...

Or my stories...

...I am having so many problems, and my muse has come back...

Time to get busy.

2/21/06 08:47 pm - Time to just do it

I have been going through stuff of late and have decided that I am just going ot do what I feel like doing for the day. Recently I have felt more like drawing so I looked up a few sites with how-to-draw tutorials and got to work. I can't believe how hard it is for me to draw hands, they seem simple even looking at a picture of one but every time I get the hand draw it looks deformed. I have tried many different ways of drawing the hands and none of them seem to work for me.

There have been times that a story just seems to play it's self completely in my mind and I have to write it, because if I don't at least write the outline I will have trouble remembering how the story went. Some times my imagination runs full speed away with me and there is no stopping it, good thing I learned how to multitask early in life.

I hope that I will have some images to add to my deviant art account soon. I guess it depends greatly on the children and my husband since he will be having a vacation soon. It is also time to clean the whole of the house and get rid of anything that we don't need anymore. That's a project that will take a few days by itself.

2/6/06 10:03 pm - What to do...

I have many things that I want to do, but what to pick? I have the choices of writing, or drawing. Though the option of actually doing a comic has come to mind from time to time. After I decided which of those I want to do I then need to decided where to start. As for the stories I have many stories that I have at least started and have the story plotted out to the end. Of course I will be doing drawings for the characters in the stories. But if I chose drawings then I will be writing back stories for them. So where do I want to start... Or should I just work on that fan-art that won't leave me alone. So many choices...makes my head spin.

1/6/06 02:24 pm - Up ward and on ward

Still working on writing, but I have been plagued by images. I am working on two right now, just need to put in the details. Both of them are for contests, one contest is to draw Kurama (Yu Yu) with another character staying warm. They encourage original characters so he is cuddling with my alter ego Skytiger. The other one is drawing an original character using one of their character generators. I found this site while I was surfing and absolutly love the ideas it has given me. You can find the site here http://www.seventhsanctum.com/ and take a look for your self. It has so many generators, some of them are rather entertaining and I was going through them just for the comedy. Well with so many posibilities that means that the Bishie House is going to lots and lots more origanal characters in it.

So much to do and so little time.

I really need to finish a story, I have several started, a few of them have outlines and almost all of them have summeries.

Here's another neat site for all those anime lovers out there http://www.theotaku.com/index.php

I guess I am done for now, I really need to write some e-mails.
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